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The first institute in South Asia to obtain ISO-9001:2000 Certification, PNEC is one of the most prestigious colleges of NUST. The college has grown to become an internationally acknowledged center for education, home to students from a multitude of countries including Jordan, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.fbndfndfndfn

PNEC comes with its own labels, decades-old trends and norms and a culture of mutual respect and innovation that is entrenched deep within its students and is reflected by the accolades the multi-disciplinary college has gone onto claim over the years.

The college has been at the forefront of engineering research, with deep industry linkages and major student-led initatives. PNEC is host to both Pakistan’s first FSAE electric and combustion teams. It also hosts a Shell Eco Marathon venture, as well as several other projects.

Formula Electric Racing NUST embodies the finest of PNEC’s traditions and aims to work towards continued growth and excellence.